Contribute a Artifact

Title of the Artifact

A name given to the resource

The Story

What is the source for this artifact? (Examples: "AIDS poster at a rally in London"; "Playbill from Angels in America"; "Graffiti on a building in Rome"; etc.). Tell us the story about this artifact in 3-4 sentences.

Intersections (Art & Science)

Where do you see the intersections of art and science in this artifact? Does this artifact convey some aspect of scientific/medical knowledge in a new or interesting way? How does it convey information about HIV/AIDS in a new or interesting way? (in 3-4 sentences)

Date of the Artifact

What year was this artifact created? (Estimations are fine. If you do not know, you can leave it blank.)

Web Address for the Artifact (if relevant)

Link to where your artifact can be found. (If it is not online, you can provide one of the following, depending on the artifact: a screen shot of a still; a description of the point in the episode where the clip appears; a .jpeg of the artifact…if in doubt, consult with us!)


Please include any required citation for content belonging to someone else. For your original work, please consider adding a Creative Commons license.

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